The PolySto Fish Processing Room

Are fish processing rooms truly up to the mark in meeting today's stringent hygienic standards?

In the fast-paced world of today's food industry, fish processing rooms play a critical role in ensuring the seafood that reaches our tables is safe and of high quality. However, despite stringent hygienic standards, these environments face multiple challenges. Cross-contamination, inadequate cleaning practices, and the risk of spreading pathogens like Listeria can significantly compromise food safety, posing serious health risks to consumers. Moreover, the physical integrity of the facility itself can exacerbate these issues. Damaged walls and floors not only hinder effective cleaning efforts but also create breeding grounds for bacteria and other contaminants. Such structural vulnerabilities can further escalate the risk of foodborne illnesses, underlining the critical need for durable and hygienic solutions.

PolySto's comprehensive suite of hygienic construction materials, including CleanSheet walls and ceilings and CleanRock kerbs and skirting, is specially engineered for the extreme conditions of fish processing rooms, known for their exposure to high concentrations of salts, use of strong chemicals, and the necessity for high-pressure cleaning. These products are designed to withstand such demanding environments, ensuring durability and safety. The addition of the HygiSeal solution, a chemical welding 1-component joint system, further enhances the integrity and hygiene of these installations by creating seamless connections between wall and floor elements, effectively eliminating gaps that could harbor bacteria or facilitate contamination.

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