The perfect washroom

Can your washroom withstand the daily challenges of high-pressure cleaning and harsh chemicals? Find out how PolySto's durable and hygienic wall protection transforms your washroom into a high-quality, hygienic environment that meets the strictest food safety standards.



Intensive cleaning can cause rust and mold in washrooms not designed for durability.

It is crucial to emphasize that even intensive cleaning in non-sustainably designed washrooms can lead to long-term problems. Water and cleaning agents can easily penetrate cracks, seams, and damages of unsuitable surfaces, compromising the hygienic integrity of the space. Therefore, it is essential to invest in sustainable interior finishes, such as those from PolySto, to prevent such problems and ensure the long-term hygiene of the washroom.

Infiltrations in damages with water and dirt will promote the growth of salmonella and Listeria

Another important aspect to highlight is the danger of infiltrations in damages with water and dirt. If non-durable materials get damaged due to the intensive cleaning process, water and dirt can penetrate and accumulate. This provides an ideal breeding ground for pathogens such as salmonella and Listeria. These microorganisms thrive in moist environments and can easily come into contact with food products, posing a serious risk to food safety. The use of durable materials like PolySto prevents such infiltrations and contributes to maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for food production.

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