Redefining hygienic standards in food processing areas

The importance of hygiene

In food processing, maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial to ensure food safety and public health. Contamination can lead to serious health risks and costly recalls. Therefore, hygiene is essential to protect consumers and maintain trust in food products.

Hygienic construction materials play a vital role in keeping food processing areas clean. Unlike machinery, which can be cleaned separately, walls, floors, and surfaces need to be easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. Using the right materials helps prevent contamination and keeps the environment safe.

Using inadequate or wrong materials can lead to several problems. Porous surfaces can harbor bacteria, making them difficult to clean effectively. Cracked or damaged walls and floors can create breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms like Listeria and Salmonella. Additionally, open joints and corroded surfaces can trap food particles and moisture, leading to mold growth and further contamination risks. Over time, these issues can compromise the safety of food products and lead to severe health consequences for consumers.

By prioritizing hygienic construction in food processing areas, companies can significantly reduce contamination risks. This approach ensures a cleaner, safer environment, ultimately supporting better food quality and consumer safety.

FACT: Did you know that 17% of Listeria outbreaks originate from poor-quality kerbs, walls, and floors?

Risk of contamination by cleaning

Harmful bacteria like Listeria and Salmonella hide in voids, cracks, open joints, behind hollow kerbs, and on corroded surfaces. Daily cleaning can flush bacteria from these cracks and crevices, dispersing them throughout the production area, which can lead to serious bacterial contaminations on food production surfaces. 

PolySto can help avoid this by offering hygienic construction materials that are specifically designed to eliminate these risks. Our materials provide seamless, non-porous surfaces that prevent bacteria from hiding and spreading. With PolySto’s durable CleanRock kerbs and CleanSheet walls & ceilings, you can ensure that your food processing environment remains hygienic and safe, minimizing the potential for contamination and safeguarding the quality of your products.




The PolySto food processing area:

Total solution
Chemical resistant
Easy to clean
Bacteria repellent
Resists high pressure cleaning

Food processing

HygiWall is a premium sandwich panel solution with a choice of PIR or mineral wool core, tailored for optimal insulation. Each panel is seamlessly laminated on one or both sides with our durable PolySto CleanSheet, perfect for creating hygienic walls, ceilings, and modular box-in-box constructions.

PolySto IP40RB is a prefabricated full core kerb with sloped top and rebate where the floor can be mounted into the Polysto kerb (seamless connection). Available in a SaniCoat or a Natural version. The kerbs consist of a water repellent durable CleanRock mass.

Stainless steel bollards are a practical and effective solution for protecting interior assets from damage caused by accidental collisions, impacts, and other types of physical damage. The PolySto stainless steel bollards are made of a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel (grade 304 or 316) that can withstand high levels of impact without sustaining damage.

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PolySto CleanSheet (Hygienic FRP-sheet) is a glass fiber reinforced composite polyester sheet, opaque, available with a smooth or embossed surface. The PolySto CleanSheet is the base for the products InsuPanel, RenoPanel, RamPanel, HygiCeiling and HygiWall.

PolySto IP40F is a prefabricated full core kerb with sloped top and skirting to wall-floor according hygienic requirements. Available in a SaniCoat or a Natural version. The kerbs consist of a water repellent durable CleanRock mass. The SaniCoat version is finished food-safe with a smooth Sanicoat (Polyester gelcoat).


HygiSeal is the new product for chemical welding of joints with a 1-component hybrid sealant. The HygiSeal joints between the PolySto components and the connection with floor and wall ensure a durable, seamless and fungus repellent connection that is resistant to intensive high pressure cleaning. 

Do you recognize these common issues in your facility? It’s time to take action and address these hygiene risks to ensure a safer, cleaner food processing environment.

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