Hard Fix Glue


PolySto Hard Fix Glue is a hybrid polymer glue/adhesive that combines the properties of different types of adhesives to create a versatile, high-performance glue. PolySto Hard Fix Glue has several advantages over traditional adhesives:

  1. Strong bonding: Excellent bonding strength, ideal for bonding a wide range of materials, including CleanRock, FRP, PVC, stainless steel etc...

  2. Flexibility: Unlike traditional adhesives, which can become brittle over time, PolySto Hard Fix Glue retains his flexibility even after curing. This makes it ideal for bonding materials that may expand or contract due to changes in temperature or humidity.

  3. Moisture resistance: High resistance to water and moisture, ideal for applications in damp or humid environments.

  4. Fast curing: Very fast curing time, allowing for quick and efficient bonding of materials.

  5. Non-toxic: Non-toxic and safe to use, ideal for applications in the food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  6. Easy to apply: PolySto Hard Fix Glue is easy to apply with a 600cc (20oz) caulking gun.

  7. Long-lasting: Hard Fix Glue offers excellent durability and can maintain high bonding strength for many years.

Shock absorbing

Easy to install

The installation of Hard Fix Glue does not require any special tools or equipment. A standard 600cc (20 oz) caulking tool does the job. Hard Fix Glue is designed to be dispersed using a manual, pneumatic or battery driven caulking gun.

Hard Fix Glue on metal studs

Hard Fix Glue is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of construction applications, including fixing (RenoCem)panels to metal studs.

Hard Fix Glue is an excellent choice for fixing panels to metal studs due to its high bonding strength, resistance to weathering and chemicals, and ability to withstand movement and vibration without losing its adhesive properties.

Hard Fix Glue can be applied as sealant

PolySto Hard Fix Glue can be used as a sealant and offers a number of benefits compared to other standard silicone-based sealants. They are extremely durable and can withstand chemicals without deteriorating or losing their adhesion properties.


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