CleanRock kerbs

CleanRock & SaniCoat surface
For clean rooms the surface of CleanRock kerbs can be finished with an extra smooth bacteriostatic and shock-resistant gelcoat surface.

Extra protection due to the use of a double water barrier
A double water barrier is created using PolySto hardfix glue (Hybrid polymer).
This assures that even if joints become damaged there is no water infiltration possible behind the kerbs.

Renovation or new constructions
CleanRock kerbs can be delivered with food-safe coving for renovations or with a rebateto create a seamless connection with the floor coving.

EHEDG Guidelines
PolySto CleanRock kerbs are the preferred wall protection solution along EHEDG construction guidelines for hygienic and durable food safe environments.
More detailed information can be found in doc. 44 page 90. of the EHEDG publication “Hygienic design principles for food factories”.

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Advantages of CleanRock

Water proof

Chemical resistant

Impact Resistant

Easy to clean

Prefab System

Food Safe

Time Saving

Place Saving

A total hygienic design solution for the food & beverage industry

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