Food Industry

In food industry, quality and hygienic standards are very important. Heavy traffic, hazardous work conditions, wet floors,…can cause hygienic walls and door passages to be very quickly and heavily damaged. The PolySto CleanRock kerbs are the ideal hygienic protection for wall panels against trolleys, hand pallets and forklifts. The protection against water infiltration, skirting of the wall / floor junction and the avoidance of hollow space gives water and bacteria no chance.

Why choose PolySto?

Kerbs used in food processing environments where hygiene is a priority should be constructed with materials that are chemical-, impact- and water-resistant. CleanRock kerbs and plinths provide a solution to the hygiene challenges posed by kerbs composed of concrete. Prefabricated CleanRock kerb systems are made by mixing polyester resins and quartz granulates. The CleanRock kerbs are finished with a bacteriostatic and shock-resistant polyester gel coat surface. In the production of these CleanRock kerbs, a monolithic system is created by moulding together the polyester quartz mass with the polyester gel coat covering. Both materials have the same chemical structure (polyester), which creates a strong kerb that is easy to clean, water- and chemical-resistant and repairable.