What are the problems with classic sealants in the food industry?

Silicone joints

  • Poor resistance to high pressure cleaning

  • Anti-fungal agents are rinsed out by cleaning

  • (Black) mould on silicone joints

  • High maintenance cost

  • Higher risk for production interruption due to maintenance

  • High risk of bacteria outbreak

Advantages of HygiSeal

  • Seamless joints.
  • Water resistant.
  • Fungus repellent.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Easy to clean (including high pressure cleaning).
  • High bonding strength between the components.
  • Resistant against most commonly used chemicals.
  • No special nozzles.
  • No special equipment for application.
  • Compact and lightweight handling guns
  • Isocyanate-free (No Polyurethane).

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The innovation in hygienic sealing systems

Application of PolySto HygiSeal construction joints in food processing facility

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