OCS30RB Stainless Steel

PolySto OCS30RB Stainless Steel

- Protection against water infiltration to the wall panels 

- Avoidance of hollow spaces that can contain bacteria 

- With rebate for coving the floor finish to obtain the curving 


Protection of panel walls against hand pallets, in production areas, storage areas… 


PolySto OCS30RB Stainless Steel is a prefabricated kerb 1500x300x60mm with sloping top and rebate where the floor can be mounted into the PolySto kerb (seamless connection).

The OCS30RB Stainless Steel kerb consists of a high quality concrete mass and a Stainless Steel surface (AISI 304L, 1.2 mm thickness).

Including matching accessories; prefabricated internal and external corners and endpieces.

Waterproof bonding using PolySto Hard Fix Glue (Hybrid Polymere). Finishing of the joints using PolySto Food Safe Sealant or a 2-component polyurethane mass.